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Tizen Toolbar Icons

The collection of Tizen Toolbar Icons includes over 450 images you're likely to find in common applications. This versatile pack covers the broadest range of topics, making the collection usable in many types of Tizen mobile apps and online projects. Tizen Toolbar Icons are drawn in glossy style with sharp reflections. The highlighted "hot" versions will "pop" by shining even more, casting a sharper reflection than the "normal" versions.

There are 488 unique images in this icon library. Each icon from the Tizen Toolbar Icons set comes in Normal, Hot (highlighted) and Disabled states. All images come in sizes of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels. Two color resolutions are included: semi-transparent True Color with Alpha channel and 256-color images drawn on transparent background. All icons are provided in ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 488
Price: $99.95 / 79.95 EUR
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Tizen Icons

OK Icon Warning Icon Payment Icon Cancel Icon People Icon Money Icon Home Icon Documents Icon Exit Icon Customers Icon User Group Icon Calendar Icon Reports Icon Trailer Icon Print Icon Refresh Icon Options Icon Client List Icon Problem Icon Properties Icon Apply Icon Notes Icon Handshake Icon Airplane Icon Recycle Bin Icon Floppy Icon Open File Icon Database Icon Add Icon Newspaper Icon Save Icon Erase Icon Delivery Icon Gauge Icon Tasks Icon Report Icon Info Icon Help Icon Signature Icon Search Icon Boss Icon Case History Icon 3D Bar Chart Icon User Icon Earth Icon Find Icon Conference Icon Receptionist Icon Error Icon Volume Icon Delete Icon Back Icon Dollar Icon Play Icon Preview Icon Question Icon Schedule Icon Server Icon Turn Off Icon Compass Icon Mail Icon Pallet Icon Printer Icon Tools Icon Configuration Icon Forward Icon Spy Icon Order Form Icon Brief Case Icon Chart XY Icon Gear Icon User Login Icon Remove Icon Knowledge Icon Credit Cards Icon About Icon Send Message Icon PC-Web Synchronization Icon Full Recycle Bin Icon List Icon Lock Icon Good Mark Icon Filter Icon Folder Tree Icon Clock Icon Book Icon Time Icon Explore Icon Envelope Icon Zoom Out Icon Open Door Icon Keyboard Icon Book Library Icon Account Card Icon Sync Icon Key Icon Login Icon Income Icon Mobile Phone Icon Image Document Icon No Sound Icon Blue Message Icon Abort Icon Doctor Icon Users Icon Edit Document Icon Copy Icon Undo Icon Coffee Icon Calculator Icon Message Icon Chart Icon Up Icon Phone Icon Transfer Icon Frame Icon Phone Support Icon Zoom In Icon Create Icon Insurance Icon
Telephone Directory Icon Steering-Wheel Icon Text Icon Card File Icon Counter Icon Folder Icon Inventory Icon Download Icon Computer Icon Down Icon Trash Icon Market Report Icon Open Card Index Icon Pencil Icon Check File Icon Unlock Icon Photo Icon Smile Icon Check Boxes Icon Certification Icon Update Icon View Icon Close Icon Globe Icon Admin Icon Question Mark Icon Favourites Icon Eye Icon Go Icon E-Mail Icon Sorting A-Z Icon Monitor Icon Period End Icon Registration Icon Timer Icon Person Details Icon Credit Icon Text File Icon Hint Icon Notebook Icon Scales Icon Card Terminal Icon Structure Icon Demography Icon Web Form Icon Notebook Computer Icon Closed Door Icon No Icon Upload Icon Refresh V2 Icon Gantt Chart Icon Print Preview Icon Intranet Icon First Aid Icon Card Index Icon No Entry Icon Open Lock Icon History Icon Data Transmission Icon Open Icon Registered Problem Icon Police Officer Icon Go Back Icon Resources Icon 3D Chart Icon Grid Icon Pin Icon Out Of Service Icon Save As Icon USA Flag Icon Drum Icon Find In Folder Icon Graph Icon Contact Icon Alarm Icon Tip Of The Day Icon Web Site Icon Pen Icon Web Camera Icon First Icon Postman Icon Redo Icon Support Icon Go Forward Icon Find On Computer Icon Hourglass Icon Address Book Icon Flow Block Icon Telephone Icon Price List Icon Bad Mark Icon Loud Speaker Icon Balance Icon Objects Icon Internet Icon Stop Icon Export Text Icon Yes Icon Statistics Icon Datasheet Icon How To Icon Items Icon Keys Icon Attribute Icon Table Icon Sorting Z-A Icon Case Icon Gamepad Icon Reflex Camera Icon Desktop Icon Paste Document Icon Zoom Icon Recycling Icon Last Icon Undo V2 Icon Account Cards Icon World Icon Copy Document Icon Wizard Icon Call Icon
Retort Icon Display Icon Staff Icon Security Icon Scenario Icon Coins Icon Flowchart Icon Package Icon DB Icon Information Icon New Document Icon Certificate Document Icon Disaster Icon Modify Icon Help Book Icon Cut Icon Basket Icon Car Key Icon Check Options Icon New Icon Money Bag Icon Start Icon User Logout Icon Hand Icon Questionnaire Icon Redo V2 Icon Weather Icon Internet Access Icon Import Text Icon Form Icon Location Icon Previous Icon Phones Icon Navigator Icon Attach Icon Chat Icon Key Keeper Icon Bell Icon House Icon Script Icon Heart Icon Paste Icon Object Manager Icon Blanks Icon Closed Folder Icon Roll Icon Event Manager Icon Personal Smartcard Icon Alien Icon Tables Icon Percent Icon RGB Icon Camcoder Icon Scheduled Icon Disconnect Icon Search Next Icon Spell Checking Icon Search Previous Icon Upload Image Icon Site Map Icon Pointer Icon Eraser Icon Edit Document 3D Icon Head-Phones Icon Execute Icon Time Machine Icon Next Icon Camera Icon Books Icon Product Icon Save Picture Icon Mailing Icon Graphic File Icon Hide Icon Index Icon Check Out Cart Icon Cycle Icon Music Icon Bar Graph Icon Multiple Problems Icon Image Icon 2D Pie Chart Icon Binary Data Icon Brush Icon Rotate CCW Icon Burn Document Icon Burn Dustbin Icon Access Key Icon Units Icon Protection Icon Blank Icon Rename Document Icon Entire Network Icon Locked Folder Icon Graphic Tools Icon Megaphone Icon Export Table Icon Sorting 9-1 Icon Repair Icon Rotate CW Icon Harmful Icon Clear Document Icon CD Icon Award Icon Gift Icon Volume Up Icon Volume Down Icon Forbidden Icon Paper Icon Align Right Icon Align Left Icon Align Center Icon My Computer Icon Home Page Icon Tag Icon Questionnaire 3D Icon Download Image Icon Music Notes Icon Post Icon USB Drive Icon
Fax Machine Icon Connect Icon Inquiry Icon Repeat Icon Person Icon Import Table Icon Ignore Icon Hints Icon Frames 3D Icon Frames Icon Lookup Icon European Flag Icon Downward Pointer Icon Object Icon Open Envelope Icon Bottom Icon Bookmark Icon Black List Icon Order Form 3D Icon Hot Documents Icon Forum Icon Records Icon Cellphone Icon Reports 3D Icon Resize Image Icon Text File Error Icon Sorting 1-9 Icon Keypad Icon Top Icon Volume Level Icon Up Folder Icon Extract Icon Pack Icon Cell Phones Icon Local Security Policy Icon Webcam Icon TV Icon DVD Icon Measure Icon Red Star Icon NATO Icon Britain Flag Icon Depression Icon Empty Dustbin Icon Full Dustbin Icon Mouse Icon Sound Regulator Icon Chip Icon Equipment Icon Key Copy Icon Battery Icon Pick Icon Winner Icon Datasheets Icon Wedding Icon Multimedia File Icon Copyright Icon Attachment Icon ID Icon PDA Icon Genealogy Icon Games Icon Burn CD Icon Appointment Calendar Icon Archive Icon Red Message Icon Sound Document Icon Go Up Icon Drop Icon Video File Icon Get Message Icon Unpack Icon Computer Access Icon Corrupt Text Icon Electric Power Icon Form 3D Icon Green Earth Icon Nick Icon No Music Icon Paste Document 3D Icon Preview 3D Icon Rename Document 3D Icon Data Icon Free Icon Umbrella Icon Pipette Icon Time Zone Icon Computer Sound Icon Voice Identification Icon Form Editor Icon Data Filters Icon Put Away Icon Checked Message Icon Green Message Icon Image Document 3D Icon No Entry Sign Icon Languages Icon List 3D Icon Put Icon Voice Chat Icon Terminate Icon Go Down Icon Value Icon Smile Image Icon Drawing Icon Burn Sheet Icon File Attribute Icon New Document 3D Icon Copy Document 3D Icon Burn Document 3D Icon Burn Sheet 3D Icon Image Protection Icon Holidays Icon Book Of Records Icon Red Case History Icon Tambourine Icon What Is It Icon Single Problem Icon 3D Pie Chart Icon Bank Account Icon
Ambulance Icon Electricity Icon Database Server Icon Figures Icon Synchronize Messages Icon Valign Top Icon Valign Center Icon Valign Bottom Icon

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Shiny Menu Icons - Icon List

2d pie chart, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, 3d pie chart, Abort, About, Access key, Account card, Account cards, Add, Address book, Admin, Airplane, Alarm, Alien, Align center, Align left, Align right, Ambulance, Apply, Appointment calendar, Archive, Attach, Attachment, Attribute, Award, Back, Bad mark, Balance, Bank account, Bar graph, Basket, Battery, Bell, Binary data, Black list, Blank, Blanks, Blue message, Book, Book library, Book of records, Bookmark, Books, Boss, Bottom, Brief case, Britain flag, Brush, Burn CD, Burn document, Burn document 3d, Burn dustbin, Burn sheet, Burn sheet 3d, Calculator, Calendar, Call, Camcoder, Camera, Cancel, Car key, Card file, Card index, Card terminal, Case, Case history, CD, Cell phones, Cellphone, Certificate document, Certification, Chart, Chart XY, Chat, Check boxes, Check file, Check options, Check out cart, Checked message, Chip, Clear document, Client list, Clock, Close, Closed door, Closed folder, Coffee, Coins, Compass, Computer, Computer access, Computer sound, Conference, Configuration, Connect, Contact, Copy, Copy document, Copy document 3d, Copyright, Corrupt text, Counter, Create, Credit, Credit cards, Customers, Cut, Cycle, Data, Data filters, Data transmission, Database, Database server, Datasheet, Datasheets, DB, Delete, Delivery, Demography, Depression, Desktop, Disaster, Disconnect, Display, Doctor, Documents, Dollar, Down, Download, Download image, Downward pointer, Drawing, Drop, Drum, DVD, Earth, Edit document, Edit document 3d, Electric power, Electricity, E-mail, Empty dustbin, Entire network, Envelope, Equipment, Erase, Eraser, Error, European flag, Event manager, Execute, Exit, Explore, Export table, Export text, Extract, Eye, Favourites, Fax machine, Figures, File attribute, Filter, Find, Find in folder, Find on computer, First, First aid, Floppy, Flow block, Flowchart, Folder, Folder tree, Forbidden, Form, Form 3d, Form editor, Forum, Forward, Frame, Frames, Frames 3d, Free, Full dustbin, Full recycle bin, Gamepad, Games, Gantt chart, Gauge, Gear, Genealogy, Get message, Gift, Globe, Go, Go back, Go down, Go forward, Go up, Good mark, Graph, Graphic file, Graphic tools, Green earth, Green message, Grid, Hand, Handshake, Harmful, Head-phones, Heart, Help, Help book, Hide, Hint, Hints, History, Holidays, Home, Home page, Hot documents, Hourglass, House, How to, ID, Ignore, Image, Image document, Image document 3d, Image protection, Import table, Import text, Income, Index, Info, Information, Inquiry, Insurance, Internet, Internet access, Intranet, Inventory, Items, Key, Key copy, Key keeper, Keyboard, Keypad, Keys, Knowledge, Languages, Last, List, List 3d, Local security policy, Location, Lock, Locked folder, Login, Lookup, Loud speaker, Mail, Mailing, Market report, Measure, Megaphone, Message, Mobile phone, Modify, Money, Money bag, Monitor, Mouse, Multimedia file, Multiple problems, Music, Music notes, My computer, NATO, Navigator, New, New document, New document 3d, Newspaper, Next, Nick, No, No entry, No entry sign, No music, No sound, Notebook, Notebook computer, Notes, Object, Object manager, Objects, OK, Open, Open card index, Open door, Open envelope, Open file, Open lock, Options, Order form, Order form 3d, Out of service, Pack, Package, Pallet, Paper, Paste, Paste document, Paste document 3d, Payment, PC-Web synchronization, PDA, Pen, Pencil, People, Percent, Period end, Person, Person details, Personal smartcard, Phone, Phone support, Phones, Photo, Pick, Pin, Pipette, Play, Pointer, Police officer, Post, Postman, Preview, Preview 3d, Previous, Price list, Print, Print preview, Printer, Problem, Product, Properties, Protection, Put, Put away, Question, Question mark, Questionnaire, Questionnaire 3d, Receptionist, Records, Recycle bin, Recycling, Red case history, Red message, Red star, Redo, Redo v2, Reflex camera, Refresh, Refresh v2, Registered problem, Registration, Remove, Rename document, Rename document 3d, Repair, Repeat, Report, Reports, Reports 3d, Resize image, Resources, Retort, RGB, Roll, Rotate CCW, Rotate CW, Save, Save as, Save picture, Scales, Scenario, Schedule, Scheduled, Script, Search, Search next, Search previous, Security, Send message, Server, Signature, Single problem, Site map, Smile, Smile image, Sorting 1-9, Sorting 9-1, Sorting A-Z, Sorting Z-A, Sound document, Sound regulator, Spell checking, Spy, Staff, Start, Statistics, Steering-wheel, Stop, Structure, Support, Sync, Synchronize messages, Table, Tables, Tag, Tambourine, Tasks, Telephone, Telephone directory, Terminate, Text, Text file, Text file error, Time, Time machine, Time zone, Timer, Tip of the day, Tools, Top, Trailer, Transfer, Trash, Turn off, TV, Umbrella, Undo, Undo v2, Units, Unlock, Unpack, Up, Up folder, Update, Upload, Upload image, USA flag, USB drive, User, User group, User login, User logout, Users, Valign bottom, Valign center, Valign top, Value, Video file, View, Voice chat, Voice identification, Volume, Volume down, Volume level, Volume up, Warning, Weather, Web camera, Web form, Web site, Webcam, Wedding, What is it, Winner, Wizard, World, Yes, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out.

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We offer stock icons for desktop applications, web sites, mobile software, graphic design, business cards.

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