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Elusion Christmas Graphics

This clipart includes 256*256, 48*48, 32*32, and 16*16 PNG Christmas and New Year images.

 Elusion Christmas Graphics

Christmas Graphics

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Holy Trinity Icon - Fully Representing the Abraham Image

Holy Trinity icon is an essential subject of iconographic that is the symbol of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. In spite of, it has a different treatment from representation in the Western Churches. Now, you can available two types of Holy Trinity Icon like Old Testament Trinity, and New Testament Trinity. The Old Testament Trinity chapter is well-known from the famous icon painted through St Andrey Rubley in the middle year 1408 to 1425 as well as New Testament Trinity.

These genres of icons are best options for you to use on your desktop. You can available these icons from your relevant website. Also, you can apply these icons as a trial version. It is the best option for you to take more advantages for using these icons on your desktop. Don't think that Holy Trinity Icons are specially designed for Christianity but also these icons can be used by general people who are deeply involved in computer functions. New Testament Trinity, which depicts Father, Son and Holy Spirit distinctly, though more familiar from the Western models, now disapproved in Russian Orthodoxy, is of the Greek origin. Christ is shown either as the adult, (in the case he sit on right of Father) and as the infant sitting on Father's knees that is a norm in the early Greek depictions. Also, this kind is called as Paternity icon, also is found from 11th century, though it didn't become widespread in the Orthodox art after Fall of the Constantinople, in Western influence, when the adult Christ is norm.

Father is painted as Ancient of Days, white bearded person with special kind of the nimbus (it has 2 rombic figures: one red, other blue, and is the triangle). Holy Spirit is also shown as the white dove with halo of same kind as Father has.

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